CherryTech: Scientific information available to everyone

The most important technical event on cherry production, which will take place on June 29 at the Sun Monticello Conference Center, already has a selection of scientific research that will be presented in poster format. These are 18 studies on cherry production, whose authors are researchers, academics, students and different industry players.

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“We, who have experience in participating in international conferences and seminars, see that the poster format publication is a good way to disseminate technical information in a broader way. In this type of events, unfortunately, not everyone has the possibility of making oral presentations, due to issues of space, time, format; But there are many people who have relevant, interesting, updated information that is worthy of extension and the poster format is a good example of presentation. We would have liked, as CherryTech’s technical organization, to be able to select a greater number of posters, but unfortunately space and time led us to choose 18, where the most important works were privileged from the point of view of technical-practical impact, to this first version of CherryTech,” explained Carlos Tapia, a specialist advisor in cherry production and who headed the evaluation committee.

The selected scientific posters

Among the selected investigations, which will be part of the CherryTech poster sector, are topics such as: “Use of vegetation indices derived from remote sensing to estimate onset of dormancy and flowering in cherry trees”; “Physiological and growth response of cherry to early inoculations with Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae (Pss) under different levels of summer drought”; “Study of the increase in the storage potential of cherries (Prunus avium L.) from the application of ultrasound and nanobubbles”, the latter presented by the student of the University of Concepción, Denise Hernández.

“My poster is about my research, which broadly refers to the search for a way to integrate new technologies into the process line, with the aim of replacing the use of fungicides, without altering the physical-chemical parameters of the fruit. I am a master’s student and it is highly relevant to participate in CherryTech to be able to show what one as a student and researcher is doing in the cherry field, since it is a market that continues to increase in the country. Also, by participating in this type of events, one is nourished by new information and helps to generate new ties around this world of cherries,” said the student.

Alejandra Vinagre, Dissemination and Transparency Coordinator of the South Fruit Culture Center, was selected with two investigations: “Effect of fruit load regulation on fruit quality at harvest and post-harvest in cherry plants (Prunus avium L.) CV. Regina grown indoors” and “Impact of the use of reflective film on the quality and condition of sweet cherry fruit (Prunus avium L.) cultivar Regina, grown indoors in the southern part of Chile.” Both works correspond to the progress of the project “Increasing the storage potential and general quality of cherries” and the research carried out at the Universidad de la Frontera, an institution that is part of the South Fruit Center.

“For us as the South Fruit Growing Center it is important to be present at events like CherryTech and be able to present the progress of one of the seven projects in our program; These instances allow us to bring the scientific part closer to the industry, results that generally remain in academia. Events like this allow the industry to take them in a practical way, thus promoting the delivery of relevant information and, therefore, making an effective transfer,” said Alejandra Vinagre.

Another of the investigations that will be presented at CherryTech is titled “Use of protective covers in the cherry harvest” and it is a study carried out by Trío Kimün that aims to evaluate the effects of covers or different materials that are used at the minute of Harvest.

“Participating in this event with a poster allows us to show some of the work that the Trío Kimün team has carried out in recent seasons and, in this way, we can provide practical information that we consider relevant to producers, in order to maintain the quality of the cherry. We invite all CherryTech participants to read it and we are very motivated to be able to share the results with them,” said Militza Ivelic, commercial manager of Trío Kimün.

Digital format

In accordance with new technologies and the spirit of CherryTech, the presentation of the posters will be carried out in digital format on totems enabled for this purpose. Each investigation will also have the presence of its author, who will be able to explain the study carried out in more detail to those attending the technical event.

“In the next versions of CherryTech we hope to expand the number of presenters and include other areas of cherry production, also from the scientific field that impacts production, to generate more information. From the extension point of view, we are always aware and interested in sharing information so that the industry can consume and use it depending on the crop; Therefore, the democratization of information has always been our focus, both at Smartcherry and at Avium, and today CherryTech is also transformed into a platform to generate information for the cherry industry in Chile and abroad,” concluded Carlos Tapia.

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