CherryTech will have the most important technical specialists in the cherry industry

Everything is ready and prepared for the first version of CherryTech, the first event specialized in cherry production that will take place on June 29 at the Sun Monticello Conference Center. The event, organized by Smartcherry and Yentzen Group, will take the form of keynote talks, which will be given by renowned advisors from the cherry industry: Carlos Tapia, specialist advisor in cherry production; Jordi Casas, consultant specializing in fruit trees, and Walter Masman, consultant specializing in cherries and stones.

After each presentation by these experts, interesting technical forums will take place in which other prominent advisors and personalities from the cherry industry will participate.

“At CherryTech we will have three interesting keynote talks by Jordi Casas, Walter Masman and whoever is speaking to you, analyzing specific topics in cherry production and the challenges for the future, which will be distributed during the day and will include questions from the public. and will last approximately one hour; Once each of them is finished, we will give way to the conversation forums, which will be a presentation format in a simple and enjoyable conversation on the topic previously presented and will last approximately 45 minutes,” explained Carlos Tapia, Co-founder of Smartcherry and exhibitor at CherryTech.

Likewise, Marie Bach, general manager of the Yentzen Group, noted that “we are very excited about this joint event that we are developing together with SmartCherry. Together we are developing a world-class technical event, very necessary for cherries to continue leading Chile’s export basket. To date, we have more than 55 companies that have trusted this new initiative and which we are sure will be a success.”

About the presentations

“Calcium and Potassium: their fundamental role in the productive potential, quality and condition of fruit” is the topic of the first technical forum moderated by Carlos Tapia, specialist advisor in cherry production and founder of Avium, and in which the following will participate:

  • José Ignacio Covarrubias, Master in Agricultural Sciences and Doctor in fruit trees, specialist in nutrition, University of Chile.
  • Rodrigo Ortega, specialist in soil fertility, plant nutrition and precision agriculture. Academic at the Federico Santa María University, Concepción. Founding Partner of the International Society of Precision Agriculture
  • Valeria Lepe, specialist advisor in nutrition of fruit species; academic at Utalca and president of Pomanova.
  • Óscar Carrasco, specialist advisor in agriculture, Professor at the University of Chile, member of Pomanova.

The second technical conversation forum is titled “Classic varieties and new varieties: are we ready for the change?”, moderated by the cherry and stone specialist advisor, Walter Masman, who will be in charge of leading an interesting conversation with:

  • Samuel Venegas, Agricultural Manager of Hacienda Los Quillayes, Sagrada Familia.
  • Óscar Aliaga, Agricultural Engineer, Cherry Tree Specialist Advisor, founder and technical director of Only Cherries Consultores. Member of Pomanova.
  • Matías Kulczewski, fruit tree specialist advisor, founder and Technical Director of Asesorías K&R; member of the Pomanova Corporation.

Jordi Casas, Agricultural Engineer, advisor and fruit tree consultant will be in charge of moderating the last of the technical forums titled: “Postharvest: key points and management experience to avoid fruit deterioration”; They will participate in it:

  • Jéssica Rodríguez, post-harvest advisor at Trío Kimün.
  • Héctor García, Cofounder and General Manager of Diagnofruit Laboratories.
  • Sebastián Johnson, General Manager of Johnson industrial projects.
  • Juan Puntí, Agricultural Engineer, Production Manager and Postharvest Exporter Prize.

The official program of the event will be soon published with the details of each of the master classes that will precede each forum, their schedules and specifications.

CherryTech also remembers that the call for poster applications is still open, which can be done until May 15, 2023.

Tickets for CherryTech 2023 are now on sale at